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Annie's Christmas Wish by Barbara Cameron

Annie's Christmas Wish (Quilts of Lancaster County #4)Annie's Christmas Wish by Barbara Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: October 1st 2013 by Abingdon Press
ISBN 1426733895 (ISBN13: 9781426733895)
Series: Quilts of Lancaster County #4

Annie is so much like her mom Jenny, despite not being her biological daughter. They both love to write and tell stories and nothing would make Annie happier than to have a career like Jenny. When Jenny is given an award for her work in helping children, the whole family gets to go with her to New York City. Annie has always dreamed of visiting the place that she so often saw in the little snow globe Jenny gave her when she was young. Now, not only will she get to visit New York, but it will be in December, and she just may get the opportunity of a lifetime with an internship. But will this trip also end her possibility of romance?

I just absolutely love Barbara's writing. She has such a way of intertwining biblical messages with real life and it not feeling pushy. Amazes me every time. One of my favorite quotes was brought up again in this story, "It's arrogant to worry because God knows what He's doing." I just love that statement. Worry brings about nothing, why waste time on it?

I really liked how the characters were all written so beautifully. I loved the humor and love between Matthew and Jenny. And little Johnny, well, he was just adorable. Kids, they just say it how it is. I also loved the way that Annie kept thinking that Jenny never treated her as a stepchild. For Annie, that was really important. I also thought it was quite interesting how Annie looked up to and respected Jenny. Her curiosity for Jenny's world really touched me. So many times people assume they know where someone came from without ever really taking the time to go and find out the facts. When Annie went to New York, she made it quite clear that was one of her goals, to understand more about her mom. Very mature young lady.

The one character that truly annoyed me was Aaron. My kudos to Barbara for writing a character so well that I just felt he was a whiny little brat. I just felt like he wanted to marry Annie, but didn't believe in her or take the time to really get to know her. He assumed way too much about her and what was happening instead of just coming right out and asking her what was going on. I will say, I currently have someone in my life doing this exact same thing, so that may be why I found him so very annoying.

I have enjoyed this entire series and definitely recommend reading this latest addition. Seeing Jenny and Matthew's child grown up, was a real treat. As always, I enjoy checking back in with characters that touched my heart and Jenny did that from the very first book.

I was graciously provided a free digital copy of this book from Abingdon Press in partnership with NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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