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Sushi for One? by Camy Tang

Sushi for One?Sushi for One? by Camy Tang
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 346 pages
Published August 21st 2007 by Zondervan Publishing Company
ISBN 0310273986 (ISBN13: 9780310273981)
Series: Sushi #1

Once Lex's cousin gets married, Lex will be the oldest single female in the family, and her grandmother puts the pressure on to find a boyfriend. Lex's grandmother gives her an ultimatum, either find a boyfriend by the wedding or she pulls out the funding for the high school volleyball team that Lex coaches. Just when Lex thought that was bad enough, her world slowly begins to unravel. Determined to "fix" everything, she only seems to be able to make a bigger mess until she realizes she can't do it on her own.

I read Sushi for One? because Camy is part of the group I co-moderate on Goodreads, Christian Fiction Devourers. I have to say, Lex's grandma was just mean! And actually most of her family was too. I was really surprised at how everyone cow-tailed to what Grandma said. Whether they felt like she should already be married or not, to threaten funding for a high school because of it was just mean. And to not even consider what Lex was going through, double mean! The poor girl lost her job, lost her home, had a broken down car, a knee that required surgery and still the only thing that Grandma worried about was if she had a boyfriend! Grrr... And then to send guys Lex's way who were only interested in her ability to get them college sports tickets instead of Lex herself, just insane. I was totally appalled by Lex's grandmother! Great writing Camy, for creating such emotions from me towards the grandma!!

Camy's details about the volleyball games, college sports, and the physical therapy added great depth to the book. I love authors who take the time to research the activities of the characters and add those details into their writing.

I really enjoyed Lex's spunk and sense of humor. Through it all, she kept fighting, kept trying, and kept going. Unfortunately for her, she forgot to check with God to see what his plans were, which inevitably made Lex's plans fall apart. I really liked the Christian message throughout. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in "fixing" things, we forget to ask God how to go about "fixing" them. If only we'd remember to pray and rely on Him instead of using Him as a last resort. Great message!

Thank you to Camy for being so gracious and sending me an autographed copy! And yes, I was so ocd about messing it up, I borrowed a copy from the library to read! I have my autographed copy on my author shelf, just ready to do a karate chop on anyone who tries to touch them! ;)

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