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When Strawberries Bloom

When Strawberries Bloom (Lizzie Searches for Love, #2)When Strawberries Bloom by Linda Byler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Paperback, 297 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by Good Books
ISBN 156148699X
Series: Lizzie Searches For Love #2

When Strawberries Bloom is the second book in the Lizzie Searches for Love series by Linda Byler. Amazingly this book picks up exactly where the first one left off. Lizzie Glick is continuing trying to find her place in life and in her family. She still feels like she is second best and her mom always treats Emma, her older sister, and Mandy, her younger sister, better than Lizzie herself. Lizzie begins teaching at the Amish schoolhouse in their community but soon realizes, it's not all that easy all the time. She grows increasingly frustrated with figuring out what a relationship with God really means and trying to find God's will for her life. Can she learn to allow God to work things out or will she continue to try to do it her way and mess up a future relationship with a man who loves her.

You know I adore the Amish lifestyle and think we all could learn a lesson from them. I enjoyed this book as it realistically portrayed a teen's struggle with trying to find her place in this world and trying to figure out a meaningful relationship with God. Even as adults we sometimes face the same dilemmas Lizzie does. Do we trust God to work things out or do we just go ahead and come up with a plan of our own without God's involvement? What I didn't like about this book is that once again it seemed to have timing issues. It seemed to run through a great deal of time without a lot of details for the time. It more jumps from one big event to another, whereas a lot of other Amish fiction I read takes you through day to day. Another example is the last few chapters talked about an event taking place at Christmas then jumped to a Sunday in spring and an event (I don't want to spoil anything!) was taking place on Tuesday. Well, the next chapter then says shortly before the event and talked about their "weekly date." Well we know the Amish don't typically date on a Monday, so it's a little confusing! And a lot of big decisions were made and brought to fruition by her family during that supposed two day span, events that I don't think possibly could happen in that short of a time span. (hope that makes sense!) I had to kind of disregard the timeline for these books and that doesn't really work for me. This book is also a juvenile fiction so maybe the timeline issues wouldn't be as much of an issue to a pre-teen or teenager reading this. Overall, I did enjoy the book, it was an easy read and I can't wait for the next book in the series Big Decisions to see how Lizzie grows into an adult. Oh, and I LOVE all the recipes at the end of both of these books!! I can't wait to try them out!

I was graciously provided a free copy of this book from FSB Associates and a digital copy from NetGalley to review it. I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Diane Chase said...

I always appreciate honest reviews with specific complaints. Keeping the details straight is challenging to the writer and the reader!


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